Small Bedroom Design Basics

A small bedroom is not a curse. Of course, if you fill it with wall to wall furniture, it can feel like a claustrophobic space, and not a room that promotes rest and relaxation. However, if you choose the right furniture, keep your belongings organized and understand which color schemes reflect the most light, then your small bedroom will feel much larger than it actually is. You will be able to enjoy the space, and enjoy spending time in your bed.

When decorating a small bedroom, you must first choose the right color to paint the walls. Light colors such as white, gray and beige tend to reflect the most light. Painting the walls in one of these shades will make the space seem to open up, whereas bold and dark paint colors can make it feel as if it is closing in on you. If your bedroom features wallpaper or the walls are painted a deep color, then take the time to repaint them. A good compromise is to paint one wall a more intense shade, and it can serve as an accent wall. Place the head of your bed against this wall and it will naturally become the focal point of the space, without making it feel smaller.

The next point to consider is the furniture you place in your bedroom. You need a bed, a dresser, and perhaps a nightstand. Anything else is excess and only visually clutters the space. Do away with the second nightstand, and choose a dresser or chest but don’t have both. If you need more storage space, install vertical shelves along the wall, or use a folding screen to hide your clutter. You don’t want to see this mess from the bed, because it will make you feel anxious instead of promoting relaxation.

Finally, you should maximize natural lighting to make your bedroom feel more spacious. If you are lucky enough to have windows, then install sheer curtains rather than heavy drapes. If your bedroom only receives minimal natural lighting, then make up for it by using artificial light. Lamps provide just the right amount of light without overwhelming. Consider a small lamp on your bedside table, or opt for a floor lamp that casts a soft glow on the ceiling. Another option is to install wall sconces above your bed that wash the wall with an even amount of light.

These three design ideas will help you to maximize the space that you have in your bedroom. A small bedroom can still be a beautiful bedroom, as long as you know how to properly decorate.

Techniques For Decorating Small Bedrooms

You want your bedroom to be a room for getting away from it all so your decorating style is key. But how can you make a small bedroom be big on style? Lucky for you, there are different tricks you are able to use to make decorating small bedrooms a big success!

First off, be sure to decorate in keeping with the size of your space. A lot of clutter makes even the largest of bedrooms appear cramped, and cluttering up an already small room ought to be avoided.

Use furniture sparingly and select smaller pieces. Making use of a queen or full bed, in place of king size, might make a lot of difference in space, but still allow for a good nights sleep. Regardless you don’t have to use all small accessories and furniture in your bedroom, selecting some larger accessories will add appealing charm to the room, so though you might decide to use the smaller bed and bureaus, have a large amount of pillows- it is able to make the room feel larger as well as add interest and appeal.

Another factor to work on when trying to make your small bedroom feel less small is the color palette. A lot of people think that you have got to just use light tones in small rooms, although there is essentially more to it than that. You can have color while still making the bedroom feel bigger by pairing colors that reflect identical intensity, or using a monochromatic color scheme. For a scheme that is more colorful think about bright yellows and oranges that all have an equal tone or to achieve a calm and peaceful interior design style choose a monochromatic decorating theme of warm browns. To add depth, plan for painting an opposing wall a deep color – this makes it seem further away plus adds an enjoyable style. For wall tones, pale shades such as blue gray will create an overall more spacious look as they make the walls appear to recede. But if that sounds overly drab, don’t despair cool colors such as greens, blues and purples also recede so you can have your gorgeous shades without making the room appear small sized.

When decorating small bedrooms you must also be aware of things like furniture placement. Making use of the ideas of Feng Shui in your bedroom serves to help bring harmony to your home. Making sure doors are clear of furniture could help make it appear more open. This is sure to also highlight a bigger piece such as a bureau or cheval mirror.

Think of accessories and furniture you might include in your decorating theme that will help to make good use of space in the bedroom. A sleek minimalist style can be best as this de-emphasizes clutter and tends to emphasize space. Seeing as this is your get away room you ought to be certain to choose a design approach you enjoy.

When you try certain tried and true approaches decorating small bedrooms can be easy. So sharpen your imagination and go make your small bedroom seem large on charm!

Small Bedroom Interior Design

Your bedroom is the only arena in your home that helps you relax and transcend into a peaceful state, after a stressful and hectic day in your office. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that each decorative, movable or immovable, contributes towards relieving you from your stress and tensions.

Your room ought to be clean and streamlined for an inviting and calm look. Below are some small bedroom interior design ideas to incorporate while planning to renovate your bedroom.

Choose the right hues: The colors and hues in your bedroom can render a vivid or a dull appeal to your room. Therefore, be very careful while selecting the right shade for your bedroom. Nowadays, muted / natural colors like beige, grey, and taupe are popularly picked by people planning their small bedroom interior design for a more subtle look. You can also opt from colors like brown, mauve’s at all for a more composed appeal.

Be selective with your furniture: A room populated with large and too much of furniture crowds the room. For your small bedroom interior design, look for petite and small pieces of furniture that gives a spacious look to your room. Do away with large and garish wardrobes in wood along with huge dressing table and king sized bed. Instead look for bed pieces in queen sizes that have no headboard. Make an intelligent use of modular furniture to make the best use of the little space available.

The aesthetic touch: In your attempt to avoid clutters in your small bedroom, do not forget to add essentials that may enhance the appeal of your room. The secret to a successful small bedroom interior design lies in accessorizing your room to give it a modern appeal.

Funky lamp shades, mirrors, beautiful carved glass pieces make for a great interior decor. Jazzy wall art, like painting a unique canvas on the wall with one color at all, instills life in your other wise dull looking room. The key lies in striking the right cord between funky accessories and a simple design to give it the right aesthetic touch.

3 Space Saving Small Bedroom Ideas

If you’ve got a limited amount of space in your bedroom and still want to make the most of it, then you need to read this article. We’re going to look at three small bedroom ideas for saving space but still getting full use of your room.

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a limited amount of space in your bedroom is the lack of storage and closet space. Most smaller bedrooms only have a small closet, with minimal space for hanging and storing clothes.

The best way to get the maximum use from your closets is by using a closet organizer system. These systems allow you to “stack” storage in your closet, so you can have multiple levels of shelving, hanging space, etc. You can find modular organizer systems, where you buy the pieces you want and fit them to your needs, or you can have an organizer system custom designed for your specific closet and how you use it.

Another drawback of a small bedroom is the amount of space you have for a bed, while still having room for other pieces of furniture or other things you might want to do in the bedroom. This is particularly true if you live in an apartment or smaller home where your bedroom doubles as a living room or other space.

A Murphy bed is one option for getting the most from these types of spaces. These beds lift up into the wall or into a cabinet set against the wall, letting you move them out of the way completely during the day. The room can be used for any number of things while the bed is stored away, but it’s as simple as pulling the bed down to prepare for the night.

Another way you can get double-duty from your bedroom is with a day bed. These beds are designed to be used as seating as well as a bed, so you can use the room for other things during the day.

While most day beds are only designed for a single person, you can get trundle day beds that have a swing-out support that adds enough room for a second person. These beds are ideal in dorm rooms, small apartments and anywhere else that you may not have a dedicated bedroom.